Oceans projects experiments with the possibilities of several immersive or “extended” technologies, offering digital information for the views of the user.

kid VR glasses

Virtual Reality (VR) is a concept that comprises from interactive 360º tours composed by photos and videos to a Six Degrees of Freedom (6dof) experiences, where a full 3D generated world is set for the viewer to freely explore and interact with.

Oceans project is aimed at allowing both teachers and students create and experience VR and AR, with the final goal of acquiring concepts, skills and attitudes towards ocean literacy.

To allow students and teachers fully participate in the creation of digital contents, it is necessary to aim at easy and low cost equipments and tools. Therefore, Oceans project technological partner, CESGA, is producing some specific tools for schools.


This is the first tool created for the project. This tool allow students to create VR inmersive tours, with multimedia elements such audio, video, pictures … and the option of inserting custom 3d elements in the scene.

The tool is available here.

You can also view all the VR projects created in the map